UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery Presents, ART: Perception & Appreciation-works by Maria Mears and Sylvia Drzewiecki.  These two artists produce their studio works here at our adjoining day program Washington Place. Their artworks collectively share creativity and nature. Both artists find influence by the people and the environments that are near and dear to them.

Maria Mears, touched by her mother’s direction, to explore how words can be associated with images. Although viewers who look at Marias work won’t see any text in any of her work they can note that there is a story behind her imagery.   The image on the front of the show card demonstrates Marias curiosity with colors, shapes, symbols and a combination of art materials.

Maria and Sylvia have been friends and strong supporters of one another. Maria spoke of Sylvia’s paintings on plexi glass reminding her of family visits to her Aunts home in Minnesota where Maria would marvel at her Aunts stain glass windows.  Maria reflects of this memory via her friends art pieces.

Sylvia Drzewiecki creates work from her heart.  She finds a way to channel her personal experience into a visual account of her adversity and her accountability to the things she most values.  Viewers can see and feel her determination through her quality of line, color and composition. This exhibition Art: Perception & Appreciation will feature works on glass, works on paper and digital prints.

In our Project Space we will feature a two person show, ‘She Was Just A Dream’ featuring Dale Riley and our guest artist, Christine Rassmussen, both artists are based here in Los Angeles.  Riley creates his works here at Washington Place during his Photoshop studio sessions. These particular digital works focuses on his love for his scooter and how he navigates through his life.  Rassmussens paintings navigate through the heart exploring themes of place, identity, boundaries and belonging.

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