December 2, 2013 - January 4, 2014


Washington Reid Gallery is pleased to present Beyond Depiction: line, an exhibition of works on paper. This exhibit includes works that outline the ways we as individuals record our thought patterns and make observations.


The show will be a demonstration of line variety. Our gallery showcases works from artists enrolled in our day program, who generally have little or no art education beyond the mentorship of the day program.  Our artists work everyday examining there interests as well as just using their art time to keep their bodies active. Lines are a consistent theme in our studio; we find that even if there is not a clear place to begin, it's best to start with a single line a consistent theme here.  It is always a good place to start.  


This exhibition weaves together contemporary, traditional, experimental and naive or outsider art concepts.  One of our artists, Mystine Murphy, touches upon the spatial energy and feel of painter J.M.W. Turner. Gallery Artists Lily Hernandez and Brian Ford’s drawings can remind us of the love and feel of the beloved artist, Henry Matisse, but can also guide the viewer into the conceptual imagination of artist, Ellsworth Kelly.  

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