UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery and First Foundation present Discourse, an exhibit featuring paintings, drawings and digital work from Resident Artists, Chris Brown and Karen Veronica Taylor. The exhibition was designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, identifying commonalities, while exploring different perspectives. Brown and Taylor facilitate this opportunity for the audience by laying a foundation of thoughts, perceptions, experiences and representations of their own. Guests are encouraged to weave into the dialogue as inspired.

Chris Brown’s work explores the journey of searching for answers. His process – a journey into abstraction – is an evolution of artistic method and inspirational sayings. Brown has learned to appreciate his happy accidents, noting that “it is hard to give up control, but it feels good when unexpected things happen.” His work has been compared to a stained-glass window; the viewer may recognize both literal and figurative examples in his latest showing.

Karen Veronica Taylor‘s work demonstrates an intensive, highly personal look into the lives of individuals. Her art work is filled with passion, showcasing her desire to explore people’s lives and personal interests. Her process involves focusing on the history of personal objects and the impact and significance they have in an individual’s life. Weaving her impression of the value and power that exists between objects and people, Taylor derives excitement and inspiration which is exuded in her artwork. Taylor asserts that the creation of art is freedom. 

Currently in the Project Space at WRG, we are showcasing guest painter, Alicia McCarthy, along with one of our newest Resident Artists, Jonna Krauss Wilkins. The Featured Artists’ Wall boasts a variety of digital artwork from the Studio Art Program.

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