UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery Presents: Socios an exhibition featuring 4 of our gallery artists and their personal health care staff. This particular show is has a unique voice which resonates community, family and celebrating strong partnerships. Socios Art Exhibition will feature artwork from the healthcare staff and several paintings, drawings and collage work done by our resident artists Parastoo Parsa, Adam Berger, Joseph Papazian and Tom Smith.

The 4 UCPLA Artists individually are coming from some very different conceptual approaches to their work. Some concepts focus on the dialogue between mark making and handmade stencil patterns. While other works show evidence of a visual story, inviting the audience into to join the narrative.  

Our 4 Health Care staff who come in to assist our artists with their daily work needs have been developing their own art practice during the time spent with our art program. Their work was inspired to support the autonomy of their clients (our 4 resident artists).  Socios will display a selection of artworks from our health care staff partners, Martha Rodas, Armando Rangel, Reina Lopez, Anna Clark. The selected works will demonstrate their own 2 year art practice here at Washington Place.

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