Once again the artists of UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery rise and shine ever brighter with their artwork. The theme is portraiture of those that have inspired our resident artists here at the UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery. In many cases, these are depictions of underdogs…..those in the minority, who have stunningly overcome what appear to be insurmountable obstacles such as Rosa Parks

illustrated with pen on plexi glass by artist Sylvia Drzewiecki.  Here are portraits of civic leaders, composers, musicians, and cultural icons that buoy up and inspire our artists.  In turn, we are uplifted in this beautiful loop of inspired artists, overcoming their own obstacles to portray their heroes which in turn inspires us.
“Inspiring Figures” will showcase paintings on canvas and on paper, drawing works and digital art prints. Our UCPLA Washington Reid artists selections vary from Jerry Rice the legendary football star created by Carl Tyler an avid SF Bay Area sports fan to Disabilities Advocate legend  Hugh Hallenberg painted by Nicolas Canales. “Inspiring Figures” also delves into the psychedelic and philosophical interest of artist Chris Brown. Chris Brown uses his photoshop skills to conceive of a digital print which examines Timothy Leary, a figure known for his exploration of experimental drugs under controlled conditions. This show is both educational and visually stunning, not to be missed. 


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