“Hand to Hand” is an exhibition with two intentions: to introduce artists to one another through their work, overcoming barriers of ability and distance that restrict each group to a limited community of peers; and to present the work of both groups of artists as art, free of qualifications based on education or cognitive and physical limitations. While such contingencies shape the experiences of all the artists on view, it is the goal of art programs such as those offered by UCPLA and NIAD to assist artists in surpassing their circumstances to achieve creative expression as is the prerogative of every person. Art is always created within a space of limitations – of material, of resources, of time and space – and yet the significance of artistic expression is precisely its ability to exceed these limitations and communicate visual experiences directly with audiences of all kinds. This artistic dialogue is informed by the specific perspectives and capacities of each artist represented and serves to open their individual expressions up to consideration and understanding by a broad range of viewers.

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