LA 36

UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery presents Los Angeles 36’ a series of Photographs by 8 of our artists as well as featuring a short Go Pro Video by artist, Michael Crew in our project space which casts a light on feeling safe, inclusion and accessibility. Los Angeles 36" provides a safe platform where artists in motorized wheelchairs can bring up issues surrounding the hard fact that this world was not designed with motorized wheelchairs
in mind.
A simple task of entering a building or store front can become insurmountable. Our journeys are a mosaic of paths that indirectly lead us to our destinations. Every trip we take involves meticulous planning and a special level of acquiescence. The idea of this show is to make the
public aware of the passages we encounter daily. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations in California require that clearances around doors must be 36 inches. Compliance of this regulation is often overlooked. Our intention is to visually communicate what we experience daily.

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