"Legends: Past and Present"; featuring UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery artists Carl Tyler and Seong Chong speaks of narratives that inspire us and stories we believe in to keep us moving. These tales from the past and from the present can be partially fictional and within our minds but no matter what they are always true. There is truth to any force which stays with us and allows us to think and to feel and to grow. These truths are legends. Tyler and Chong express legends that impact them daily -- even if their personal legends are quite different from one another.   
Carl Tyler paints sports figures that he admires and looks up to. Tyler lives and breathes sports. He loves the excitement of the game and the talent of those who take part in it. To him, these sports stars are the embodiment of beauty and power. His portraits reflect his admiration of these sports legends of the present that inspire him and stay with him, in his mind, allowing him to progress.   
Seong Chon paints incredible Korean landscapes of his homeland. He was born in South Korea and spent the first decade of his life there until he moved to the United States at age 10. He has vivid memories of Korea and speaks of Korea fondly, crediting the country to making him who he is today. Since he lived in Korea for his most formative early years, Korea is always within him. It is this legend of
his past that reminds him daily of who he is and where he came from and it is this legend that helps push him forward. 
  Legends can come in all shapes and sizes -- legends can be people, they can be places, or they can even be ideas. What inspires you daily? What keeps you moving? What pushes you forward past the obstacles? What gives you goosebumps and what sparks a light in your heart? Whatever this is, can be your personal legend. Take a moment to check out this exploration of legends and reflect on what this word can mean to you.   
In our Project Space, we will be showing work by Bea Olea and Vanessa Ortiz. Olea’s paintings come straight from the heart -- the subject matter consists of any animal that is soft, cuddly and fuzzy. Ortiz creates free flowing abstract paintings that are monochromatic in nature, giving off a textured feel.   On our Featured Artist’s Wall, we will be featuring Eric Santamaria, who uses his wheelchair to create tire marks on white paper with black and gray.

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