February, 2014


Washington Reid Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Seong Chon. This artist's work is driven by a lifelong fascination with wonders of the natural world—both actual and inspired.


Seong was born October 22nd, 1964 in Korea; soon after his tenth birthday, he and his family made the journey to America. As Seong began the process of integrating into a different country and culture, amongst new friends, he discovered great comfort and familiarity by reading books about the natural world. He found that he loved to learn about animals, and he would stare at beautiful pictures of mountains, fields and vast landscapes for hours.  


After graduating high school in 1988, Seong attended Santa Monica City College, where he worked on his Independent Living Skills Degree. A participant of programs and services of United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles for over 2 decades, Seong has continued to be incorporate his love of nature and of learning, in all activities he pursues. 


Seong has invested much time and energy in recent years to the development of his work as an artist.  With a keen interest in painting and photography, he has rapidly developed a prolific and distinct body of work. Seong’s paintings invoke classic and powerful visual themes, incorporating epic landscapes and cultural mythologies. His works on paper demonstrate his enthrallment with the visual extremities of tall mountains, expansive fields of green grass and endless skies.  The interplay of color, size and perspective is carefully planned as he constructs the layers of each environment with great thought and intention. Seong is also known for his series of Eastern Dragons which command a sense of profound awe; their dynamic movement and vibrant hues breath life from the page.


Seong has participated in numerous UCPLA exhibitions, however this is his first solo show.

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