UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery presents ‘Dynamic Duo’ an exhibition which pairs two WRG resident artists Chuck Nagle and Nicolas Canales. The artists’ respective art practices fill our studio art program with warmth and love. Both artists can be located on two different art spectrums one’s work can be viewed as whimsical and the other has a more representational overtone.

Artist Chuck Nagle is inspired by holiday themes; Halloween, Christmas…When Nagle is selecting colors for his art, he has the colors of Halloween on his mind so don’t be surprised to find a lot of orange in Chucks artwork. Nagle loves to sew. He recently completed a labor of love piece, a handbag all hand sewn using an array of yarns and threads.  When he is not sewing, he is painting. He loves to obsess upon a favorite holiday, Halloween.  He is just finishing up a works on painting paper piece he describes as ‘haunted house’.

Artist Nicolas Canales is also influenced by colors. He finds himself being influenced by the colors and themes of South America. Nick has a strong love for nature and travel. His goal is to depict artworks influenced by all the different continents. Canales current focus is animals from South America. Nicks love of travel is what inspires and pushes forward his art concepts. Canales has recently completed three acrylic painting works on canvas board, a horse, a turtle and an eagle.

Both artists have a long history of creativity Chuck has been creating ceramic works at Creative Growth in Oakland Ca until his recent moved to Culver City where he currently sews and paints. And Nicolas’s creativity spans to writing poetry-when you meet him-ask him to share a poem with you. Canales always has poetic words handy.

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