UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery Presents TEXT & IMAGE an experimental exhibition inspired by words, stories, haiku, stream of consciousness and abstract ideas. Last year a Creative Writing Group was formed as the result of one of our volunteer’s interest in Writing.

TEXT & MAGE asks attendees to slow down to absorb the creative atmosphere. The speed of the show can be rhythmic depending on any series of text that are on display. The exhibition will be a combination of unframed works on paper and accompanied text. The haiku on the front of the card was written by the Creative Writing Group. It was a collective effort. The image and text pairings in the show were done by Cindi Murphy, Constanza Blondet and Catherine Haley Epstein. In addition to the pairings, all the Creative Writing text  exhibited in this show was edited by Catherine Haley Epstein.


In our Project Space, Los Angeles based Artist Constanza Blondet will paint a temporary Mural that will be on display for the duration of the TEXT & IMAGE show. Also showing work is Portland based Artist Catherine Haley Epstein.


Opening night will feature Story Tellers from Pop Up group Story Mix Tape hosted by Jed Alcantra. Storytellers will be making stories up inspired from the Haiku piece pairing in the show.

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