Washington Reid Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by one of our artists-in-residence, Karen Veronica Taylor. Karen's work is inspired by her travels around Los Angeles and across the country. 'Traveling', Karen's title piece, is based on her three cross-country travels with her brother, Gregory, and her parents Aubrey and Emma Taylor during the mid-seventies. Karen, her brother, and her parents visited at least thirty states throughout their journeys across the U.S., stopping to visit their large extended family along the way. Some of Karen's fondest memories are of these trips. 

Karen Veronica Taylor's show will be an exhibition of works on paper, canvas, wood, and multimedia. "Traveling" offers a unique perspective on everyday travels. Karen explores often overlooked elements of daily outings, such as advertisements, signs, and street corners. At the same time bold and thoughtful, Karen's work combines recognizable images with unexpected colors and composition. 

Karen Veronica Taylor was born in Los Angeles, CA on September 21, 1957. After graduating from high school, Karen attended West Los Angeles College, where she earned her degree in both sociology and psychology. Karen has been working with a variety of mediums, including tissue paper and digital photo-editing, for the past three years. This will be Karen's first solo exhibition. 

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