The Self Taught Arts Fair 2017 - Flying Like A Rock is a celebration of artists, and the wide range of ways they have come to practice making without formal or institutional training. The title for this first annual Self Taught Arts Fair, ‘Flying Like A Rock’, is a phrase coined by a local artist to describe their feeling of being unseen by society at large, and the persistent spirit of trying to make contact despite existing barriers. This year’s Self Taught Arts Fair includes work from local artists and distant communities, featuring works by artists represented by progressive arts organizations along the West Coast, which include Creative Growth Art Center, Creativity Explored, NIAD, UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery, First Street Gallery, and commercial gallery, The Good Luck Gallery in Los Angeles. This exhibition is hosted and sponsored by PNCA and organized by Public Annex. Exhibition manager Lara Ohland, guest organizer and curator Cara Levine, exhibition team members Carissa Smith-Burkett, Dominic Amorin, Madeline Sorenson, Larry Supnet, Rachel Mulder, and Sierra Kind. A special thank you to Suzanne Kayne for generous support.

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