Los Angeles

Yassin Belmlih is a gifted artist with a natural affinity for line and color. Working in an original, quasi-abstract style, he begins a new piece automatically from his immediate imagination. Beginning in the top corner of his drawing paper and working across the surface of the picture plane, Belmlih will eventually create a grid-like pattern populated with his unique figures and personal symbology. His compendium of original figurations is not “abstract” in the usual sense, however. Upon closer examination, these forms are actual “things.” Belmlih’s favorite subjects are stylized reductions representing step ladders, windowpanes, and shark skeletons. His preferred artistic mediums are drawing pencils and colored markers. A crucial part of Belmlih’s creative studio process is verbalizing what it is he’s drawing, creating a productive, positive, verbal dialogue with his art instructor, his fellow artists, and peers.

Yassin Belmlih has been making art since 2018.

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